Back Pain

Dr Frank Yanik Specializing in whiplash and Chiropractic Services

     The back is a term that is quite broad; it covers a large portion of the body. It is comprised of many bones, discs, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Without a clear understanding of these various parts, locating and addressing the source of pain can be complicated. Below we will look over some of the most common issues as well as their identifying features. We will also explain how they can help be resolved with chiropractic medicine. This is general guideline that on your quest for effective treatment, you will find quiet helpful, however in order to properly diagnose these issues. We do highly recommend that you seek professional assistance.

1. Disc Bulges and Herniations

     A condition in which the discs that are found between the vertebrae have the outer edges damaged is called a disc bulge or herniation. What this causes is the center that is jelly-like to be pushed out or bulge. This issue is surprisingly common and although not always, it is often quite painful.

Many with this condition do not feel a thing. Those who do experience pain, the intensity and quality of it depend on the position and type of herniation. If the damaged disc is causing irritation to surrounding nerve, there is often severe stabbing or shooting pain along the legs, this is accompanied by weakness.

It is important for this issue to properly be identified and treated straightaway as to avoid any further damage. Dr. Frank Yanik will be able to properly assess your back and knowledgeably determine the extent of the problem as well as the best form of treatment to prevent the herniation from worsening as well as provide release from the pain you are experiencing.

2. Subluxations

     A medical term used to describe a misalignment found in the vertebral column is called a subluxation. There are actually quite a few things that can cause this, for example toxins, physical trauma and stress. Subluxations can disrupt normal movement and are often very painful. One of the contributors to back pain that are most commonly overlooked is in fact subluxations. A chiropractor is trained to identify as well as correct this problem with the use of adjustment techniques that are non-invasive.

3. Tendon or Ligament Strains and Muscular Sprains

     Typically strains and sprains occur when we have taken on a task that our body is not used to, or if we have been involved in an accident. Stretching beyond our limits, or lifting while twisting are common causes of sprains and strains in the back area. Not only can these be very painful, they often are accompanied by bruising and swelling surrounding the affected areas. What sprains and strains in the back tent to involve are changes to the spine´ alignment, these generally respond well when treated with chiropractic techniques.

4. Stress and Back Pain

     Chronic stress can really wreak havoc on the body, eventually this can lead to hypertension as well as chronic back pain. What cause the back pain are tension and muscle spasms that are caused by the release of stress hormones. Often the tension accumulates in what is referred to as a trigger point, or points. Chiropractors know how and have the proper tools to relieve the stress in these trigger points as well as to deal with underlying imbalances in the system that could be causing the body to maintain in locked patterns of stress as well as pain.

4. Other Issues that Can Bring On Back Pain

     Certain conditions such as arthritis, obesity, kidney stones and urinary tract infections have been linked to causing lower back pain symptoms. These issues are all serious, it is important for them to be identified and immediately treated in for any long-term health issues to be avoided. Dr. Frank Yanik is trained to identify all of these issues as well as provide you with the needed support for the proper treatments to be provided. A lot of these issues can stem from misalignments in the spine and respond well when treated with chiropractic adjustments.

If you would like further information as to how our team at Yanik Chiropractic are able to help you, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today.

Dr Frank Yanik Specializing in whiplash and Chiropractic Services