Neck Pain

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The Seriousness of Neck Pain

     The old saying goes, “It´s a pain in the neck.” Even the simplest of head, neck, shoulders, arms or back movements, can be made excruciatingly difficult when you are experiencing neck pain. It can make it difficult to use your body and can lead to headaches. Immobility caused from the pain in the neck can cause weakening if the muscles and over time, they can degenerate.

     A necessary step towards finding the proper and effective plan of treatment both in the short and long term recovery is understanding the root of the neck pain. In this article we will look over what can cause neck pain as well as how Minneapolis chiropractic care can be a help alternative to other more conventional treatments.

     Although it is a relatively small area of our body, the neck is comprised of some structures that are complicated; they perform a very important job which is holding your head up. The vertebrae of the neck is very small in size, this allows for ample amounts of mobility, it can however cause the neck to be more vulnerable to injury and pain. Here are some things that could cause neck pain: 

• Bad sleeping position
• Poor posture
• Trauma, for example whiplash
• Abnormalities in the bone structure
• Repetitive stress
• Muscle strains and pulls
• Joint issues

     For the most part, these issues are caused the alignment of the spine or impact. When muscles in the beck begin to spasm, in turn the spine is pulled out of alignment. If the spin is misaligned, the nerves begin to be irritated and this can cause even more tension as well as other systemic issues. Due to the fact that each nerve found in our body is rooted in the spinal column, any issues in the neck area can cause a major impact in every other system.

Many people allow spinal issues to go uncorrected. They hope that if given enough time, the pain will simply disappear; however the misalignment that originally brought the issue on is generally still there. As time goes by, the area could become aggravated again and the pain will return. If you do not correct the problem, it could turn into something serious. There are patients that let this continue to the point where the only option may be surgery.

Conventional vs. Holistic Treatments

     Most of the time, people turn to prescription or even over-the-counter medications attempting to deal with their neck pain. Although this may relieve the symptoms in the short term, not only will they now have to deal with side effects, they are also allowing the underlying problem to go unaddressed. Over the years, massage therapy has gained popularity and it can be very helpful in relieving some of the tightness in the muscles. However, the issue will remain if the problem is in the bones or the joints.

     Chiropractic treatment practices are holistic and address the structural cause that brings about most neck pain. After you are thoroughly assessed by a chiropractor whose goal is to rile any other issues out as well as determine the exact source of the issue, a recovery plan that is personalized will be developed. With gentle adjustments to the spine, instant relief can be brought about and long term health can be restored to the neck as well as the entire body. To bring an end to the pain you are feeling in your neck, call our team at Yanik Chiropractic today and schedule a consultation.