Shoulder Pain

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Are You Suffering From Shoulder Pain?

     The shoulder is one of those body parts that we rarely bother thinking about if it's not hurting. When we run into pain, though, we get painfully aware of just how often the shoulders are needed: Every time we wave, gesture, or carry something. The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile in the entire body, and this means that it's vulnerable to a number of different potential injuries.

     Untreated shoulder problems can worsen over time and significantly reduce your quality of life. The first step towards treating an issue with this joint is to identify what's causing your pain.

As noted above, there are a lot of different conditions and situations that can lead to shoulder injuries. Potential causes of shoulder pain include:

          * Spinal Misalignment
          * Athletic Injuries
          * Accidents (e.g. auto accidents)
          * Arthritis
          * Neck / Upper Back Tightness

     Some of these situations can lead to localized damage confined to the shoulder itself, but a root problem with the spine is responsible for a large number of shoulder cases. This is one of the reasons that chiropractors have such a good record of treating shoulder injuries. Injury or compression in the vertebrae of the upper back and neck can irritate the key nerves linked to the shoulder and cause pain. Shoulder pain and a range of other significant issues can arise from a relatively minor misalignment of the spine. If you're suffering from pain in your shoulder, the ultimate cause may well be a spinal issue.

Common Shoulder Symptoms

     Thanks to the vast range of different problems that can inhibit shoulder motion and cause pain, your issues may start suddenly or develop slowly over time. Even the most minor and subtle injuries can become debilitating if left untreated. Because shoulders are important in so many different day-to-day activities, it's vital that you seek proper treatment as soon as you notice signs of trouble. If you experience any of the symptoms described below, it's vital to have the full shoulder complex examined as soon as possible.

          * Shoulder pain lasting for longer than a week
          * Difficulty in raising your arm higher than your head
          * Recurrent shoulder pain that comes and goes
          * Pain or difficulty when attempting to carry objects
          * Visual indicators of injury like swelling or bruising
          * Snapping or clicking sensations when you move the shoulder joint
          * Shoulder pain that grows more intense in the evening hours.

Treating Shoulder Issues With Chiropractic Care

     Chiropractic treatment is a popular alternative to surgical and pharmaceutical care that delivers effective results through gentle, non-invasive treatments. Yanik Chiropractic has the training and experience necessary to deal with and ultimately resolve the problems that can cause shoulder pain. A typical chiropractic treatment will start with a thorough evaluation of your current situation using both reference to your existing medical records and advanced medical imaging technology. It may take some time to diagnose the root cause of your shoulder pain, but ensuring that the real issue is identified is absolutely vital if your chiropractor is going to be able to resolve it properly. After your problem is diagnosed correctly, a chiropractor can create a custom treatment plan designed to restore you to full health as quickly as possible.

If you need help with shoulder pain, get in touch with Yanik Chiropractic today.