Sports Injuries

Dr Frank Yanik Specializing in whiplash and Chiropractic Services

Treating sports injuries is the specialty at Yanik Chiropractic. Our clients are pro athletes, high school and college athletes, children and weekend athletes. All people who lead an active life can land themselves with a sports injury that can be improved by the services of a sports chiropractor.

Both professional and novice athletes can often be sidelined with sports injuries that could have been prevented. Other athletes are on the bench as their injury doesn't seem to improve with standard treatment. Then there are the athletes who are continuing to play their game, but are nowhere near their potential performance as their body is out of sync. Athletes, doctors and coaches are starting to see that simply taking pain killers is not the solution to the problem. This approach simply masks the real problem, misleading the athlete into thinking that they can act in a way that actually will cause more damage to their injury.

The approach which Yanik Chiropractic takes is directly related to the needs of a sports person. Body positioning which puts abnormal strain on the body, quick stops and starts, as well as body contact, are all part and parcel of most sports. Each client who attends Yanik Chiropractic is treated as an integrated human being, this means all parts of their system are given attention, including the spine, muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints and tendons.

Being a natural approach, sports chiropractic treatment is all about understanding the importance of the body working well as a whole, this means the player can perform at their potential, is at a minimum risk of injury and is able to recover quickly.

Having a sports chiropractor to care for the individual or team is something that many world class athletes, Olympic athletes and professional teams have put in place. Sports chiropractors are a part of regular care for the NFL at the action of the Players Association. At the Olympic Games, as well as national championships and world championships for triathlons, power lifting, aerobics, cycling and track and field, sports chiropractors have been chosen as attending doctors. Yanik Chiropractic wants to do more than get rid of your pain, we want to get to the root of the problem and reduce the risk of another injury in the future!